Sunday, September 24, 2006

Technically it IS Sunday -- But I am pretending.....

that it is still Saturday night - that way I only missed one day of blogging.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Brendan made his first AR goal of the year today a week early!!!!! WOOT WOOT for him!!!

Brendan and the choir sang the National Anthem at the Husky vs. Stanford women's volleyball game. THEY WERE WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!! The mic's didn't work but it didn't matter those children sang so loud that they were able to carry Hec Ed Pavillion!!! It was a tricky start as there were 2 major accidents and so getting to the game was hairy --- Whitlee LOVED the game - I think other than dancing to the music her favorite part was yelling "Point HUSKYS!!!" that and waving the pom pom around.

Saturday, September 23, 2006
Today was Brendan's first soccer game. HE HAD A BLAST!!! When he was subbed out he would run over to me and say "Man, I am having a blast!!!" or "I love this game!!!!" Coach Rick really showed a lot of confidence in him -- he started the game in goal. Of course we had to go to big 5 after the game so he could get some goalie gloves. We also got Whitlee some shin guards -- she said she need soccer gear!!! They are SO cute -- they are pink and black.

Anyhow -- it has been a great weekend so far. I'll be back later I have to transfer about 100 pictures from today's game from my camera!!!!


Christy said...

Waiting for pictures and new layout pages!!!Glad Brendan is loving soccer and life.