Monday, August 07, 2006

What 4 days????

So, I SUCK I had all these super great intentions of blogging every single day and then life happened:)

Let's see.........Thursday I got together with some PTA moms and we played cards! Those women are SO much fun!!! Sue has an actual card table I think we decided that she has to bring it to every get together:). Friday night I went out for dinner with Christy and Lisa -- Lisa is in town for a couple of weeks and this was about our only chance to really get together and just hang out. We had a really good time!! It is hard to believe that the 3 of us have been friends for 20 (YIKES) years!!! Saturday.................hum well I had to pick Brendan up from Christy's house as he had spent the night. Saturday night we took JC to the Storm basketball game with us. I think he had a good time maybe just a bit overwhelmed on everything that was happening! I got some great shots but of course I haven't downloaded them from my camera yet. I'll get to that at some point today (Monday). Sunday was just a lazy hazy summer day.

I'll be back later with more updates and photos!!! I have a great video of Steven dancing the YMCA at Wild Waves!!!!!

And before I go..............Another wonderful quote from Jeff!!!!
"Don't trust a surgeon who is nicknamed Thumbs"