Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday...Tuesday...Tuesday --- Only 7 more days:)

OK - So, school starts in 7 days!!!!!! I think Brendan is really getting excited about it:) Well, maybe not the going to bed at a decent time but excited all the same.

I really ment to get on yesterday but we didn't get home until LATE!!! We took the kids to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe -- Raven was giving a concert and since Ginger is OVER THE MOON for her I thought it would be a nice Birthday present (her birthday was the 18th). Anyhow Ginger had a GREAT time!!

Whitlee is OFF the hook today --- I am about to give myself a timeout!!! I am working on some layouts -- I'll be back later to post.

I have used pieces from 2 kits -- Ice Cream Social 2 and Ice Cream Cone both by Gina Jane -- I really LOVE her stuff:)