Tuesday, August 01, 2006

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Monday, July 31st
I think that this is turning into the monthly blog - YIKES!!!! I really have to try and post here more. Today it the 2 year anniversary since Brendan has his seizure -- And he is camping with Steven, Matthew and Sharlene. He'll be home today -- I can't wait!!!! The kids are doing great! I can't believe that summer is almost over!! YIKES where has it gone??? We are enjoying it to the fullest. Our season passes to Wild Waves was a great decision!!! I'll have to post some of the videos that I have taken.

We FINALLY put up our little pool and the kids love love love love it! I'll post some of those pictures also. And........I think that might be all for now. I'll try and check in later -- WHITLEE IS SCREAMING I guess she is up from her nap!!!

June 25, 2006
Can it really have been 2 months since I have posted anything? Man, life sure has been busy around the Cunningham household.

School got out this past Thursday (the 22nd). Other than Brendan making his final AR goal of the year (he now has made each goal since starting AR). Brendan was given an award for reading the most minutes as home in the 4th grade. His total was 15,620 minutes - the 2nd place student had just over 9000 minutes. Brendan was SO proud!! He was given a certificate and a medal (he wore the medal around ALL DAY). The last day of school they did something new at the year end assembly. They recognized the Honor Roll students -- these are students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Brendan made the Honor Roll --- Jeff and I are SO Proud of him!! He has 2 goals for next year -- read at least 20,000 minutes in at home reading and to make the Presidental Honor Roll. It will be tough but I think that he can do it.

Whitlee is growing like a weed:) She just amazes us every single day --- Sometimes I swear that she is a 40 year old trapped in a 2 year old's body:) Her word of the day yesterday was actually 2 words........Picnic Shelter.

Tomorrow (Monday) is Brendan's last baseball game of the season. He is REALLY bummed about that. He has ejoyed playing this year. He is already talking about next year.
I have posted some more photos in the newsletter section and I have also added some additional scrapbook pages. Take a look.

Saturday, April 22, 2006
Today was the BEST day! Brendan had his first baseball game!!!It was GREAT! We had to be at the Game Farm Park Fields by 8:15 am for pictures (as soon as I get them back I'll post them). Brendan was SO excited!!!!! After pictures they played a 4 inning game. The Cobra's lost 7-0 but played well. The other team was made up of mostly 10 and 11 year olds who had been playing together for a bit. Brendan batted 2nd and pitched, played right field and then catcher. HE LOVED IT!!!! When he was up to bat he was all business!!! He didn't connect but only 1 of the 5 pitches was near where he could hit. His next game is on Monday He can't wait!!! Did I mention how excited he was!!! I have posted pictures in the newsletter section.

Thursday, April 20, 2006
OK- So we didn't dye any eggs - Whitlee decided that it would be easier to just throw those babies across the room!!!

Easter was great!! Whitlee LOVED getting all dressed up again and the Easter Bunny brought her a new purse with ear rings, a braclet, and a ring. She wore the ear rings ALL day long -- everytime they came off she wanted it back on right away. The kids had a great time hunting for Easter eggs. I have uploaded some photos in the newsletter section -- unfortunately there aren't any of Ginger -- Why is this.........She was like a CRAZY woman I have never seen someone get eggs so quickly!

Tonight was the Cub Scout Rain Gutter Regatta. Brendan was shooting for 1st place -- he came in 3rd. He was such a good sport about the whole thing!!! He really really made us proud. It didn't matter if he won or lost he made sure that he said "good job" to whoever he was racing against.

Brendan has started baseball!! He is having a BLAST. Coach Rick is really happy with his batting and is working with him on pitching. Brendan is a bit bummed because even though he is one of the biggest kids on the team he is the slowest. We keep telling him that not all major league players are super fast. Kirby Puckett or even Edgar Martinez. He doesn't quit!!! His Jymboree is on Saturday morning! I am taking TONS of pictures and will update when we get home. He is getting team photos taken on Saturday also. As soon as I get them back I will scan them in and update. But for now we are HUGE Code Green Cobra fans!!!


Friday, April 14, 2006
WOW!! It's been almost a month since I have updated this!! Life has been C-R-A-Z-Y!! The mad scramble to get the yearbook done for Brendan's school --- and it is finally off to the printers. Brendan had his 10th birthday party on Saturday, April 08, 2006. He decided that he wanted another swimming party -- we held it at the Auburn swimming pool. It was SO nice. He had tons of friends. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Brendan LOVED his cake!! Of course it was Harry Potter!! Crazy kid --- it was a marble cake with fudge filling -- I didn't quite understand this because he really doesn't like chocolate all that much:)I have posted some pictures under the newsletter section. Tuesday, April 11th he turned 10! I can't absolutly can't believe that he is 10!!! 10 years old that is an entire decade!!! Where has the time gone??? I swear yesterday he was just a baby and e were hooking hum up to the billiruben light therapy belt. Now he is getting ready to take the WASL and playing baseball. He kept insisting that he didn't turn 10 until the exact time of his birth (8:15 pm). I kept telling him that he better start enjoying his birthday!! We took Ginger to work and since we were at the mall I was able to talk him into getting his picture taken with the Easter Bunny! He wasn't thrilled but he was a good sport about it. Whitlee was OVER THE MOON!!! More pictures in the newsletter section. We went to have lunch with Grandma (her birthday was Wednesday the 12th but she had a vendor in town). Whitlee INSISTED on wearing her special Easter dress including her hat!! Boy that girl LOVES hats, shoes and purses:) I wonder where she gets that from??? Anyhow she was very excited to see the Easter Bunny. We are going to dye eggs tonight. I am taking LOTS of pictures.

Saturday, March 18, 2006
Washington State Speed Stacking Tournament -- It has been a long day :) Brendan and Ginger "checked" in at 9 this morning -- the place was PACKED!!! Brendan did well -- he didn't place in the top 10 but missed by 2/10 of a second in the 3-3-3. Ginger placed 2nd in the 3-3-3 and the 3-6-3 (there we 2 people in her field). They had a really good time. I have put some pictures in the newsletter. Take a look.

Friday, March 17, 2006
Today is St. Patrick's Day --- I did not wear green!!! I took the kids to the Picture People to get some pictures taken I had a coupon for a free 8X10 and then my "membership" expiration was today and I had one 8X10 left on that. I guess they turned out alright --- I wasn't really thrilled with them I think it's because I didn't like the photographer much!! YIKES....... Brendan got his report card yesterday --- He got A's or A+ with the exception of a B+ in Language -- Not bad!! Brendan will be starting Park and Rec. baseball on April 3rd. Once I get his schedule I will list it under the calendar section. He is playing in the Pinto league -- When we were signing him up they started listing off some of the boys that will be on his team. We knew 4 or 5 of them right away - He is SO EXCITED about playing. Tomorrow (Saturday) Brendan and Ginger have a Speed stacking tournament --- They both are SO excited about this. Ginger has been working really hard at this.