Friday, August 18, 2006

It's been 5 days........

Wow!!5 days!! Well, it sure has been busy around here. I had a trip to the ER on Monday night -- YIKES -- Needless to say I have been exhausted since then. Jeff took yesterday(Thursday) off because I refused to go back to the ER and just went to see Dr. Olsen instead. She did more for me than the entire ER staff did!! I love her she is the best!!!.

Anyhow when I was at home sleeping yesterday -- Steven called -- he wanted to know if Jeff would drive him to the dr. -- of course -- Well, steven ended up being taken my Medic One to Auburn General -- His blood pressure was like 225/138 YIKES!!! Steven was admitted to St. Claire hospital in Lakewood. He was bombarded with high blood pressure medicine to try and get it under control. He is suppose to have some tests done today to determine if he gets to come home today or not. He hates being there.

I guess that is all for now ---- I'll be back later


Liz said...

Hi, I'll refresh my link again in the morning (I'm really tired) so try back at my blog and pick it up. As long as people keep wanting to get it I'll keep refreshing the link. THanks so much for your interest!