Friday, August 25, 2006

So, I wanted to jump on quickly before I forgot to post this. I had a meeting with the PTA board last night. Christy took Brendan to Emerald Downs(the racetrack). Tiffany(Christy's Step-daughter) and her husband Jorge both work there. Anyhow Jorge's brother Juan is a jockey -- he was racing 7 of the 8 races last night. I guess One of the races that he won the boys were able to be in the winner's ring with him and got their picture taken. I'm going to try and find out who I need to contact to get a copy of the picture. He had such a good time. Anyhow that is all for now -- I'll be back later.

OK - I'm back..............Good news - no actually GREAT news -- Steven went to the dr. and didn't end up in the hospital!!!!!!!!!! He still can't work next week but at least he's not in the hospital. My Auntie Hinaye called today - It was SO good to talk to her.

I've done another layout -- Thought I'd share.............

I love this!!!!! I was trying some new stuff tonight --- The kit used is Enchanted by Tara Settle and the overlay is Instant Sparkle by Gypsy Chick. If you want a closer view you should know the drill. Let me know what you think (Pssss....for those of you who don't know how to leave a comment click the word comment - got that Christy:))


Anonymous said...

Listen here hoochie...I dont' see too many others leaving you comments. Anyhow...your pages look great as usual.