Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And another day is upon us.........

Good or bad?? You decide -- My sweet dear Brendan has over the last week or so discovered EBAY!!! And he is excited that his mommy has an account!!! I swear he spends more time looking at Ebay than I do --- He doesn't quiet understand why I won't give him my password!! He begs me at least 20 times a day to look at something he found (big surprise it's always Yu-Gi-Oh). We bid on something that ended last Friday - We won a bunch of cards -- They arrived today -- Brendan started asking to check the mail every 30 minutes from noon on!! He was so excited about them arriving today.

Steve is still in the hospital. They "think" that they may have the blood pressure under control. If everything goes well he might be released today. He is going NUTS there -- he hates having to lay around more than anything in the world!!! They won't let him get up or move around because of the possible rise in pressure so he has to lay there!! I'm glad that I'm not one of his nurses.

I've been spending time digital scrapbooking -- I reeeeeeeealy like it. I like that I can move stuff and see what it looks like before making anything the final choice. I even have started making my own kit -- I am just following some tutorials on making things -- If I could figure out how to make gel items in DIP I'd be in heaven!!! Anyhow I did a layout of Brendan tonight and I just love it!!! So I'll post it here -- let me know what you think.
I can't wait until I have enough to have a good start on an album (................hum.................)

The overlay used is by Tina Chambers with DSP.
As always if you double click on the image you will get a better view.

Before I go I just thought I'd leave you with Whitlee Jane's word of the day...........Wussy!! Where did she get that????


Christy said...

I love reading your blogs everyday so try to remember to blog everyday. And yes, JC had a great time at Wild Waves. All anyone heard about was what ride or slide he went on. He cannot wait to go back with Christopher and I joining you all.

Give the kids a kiss from Auntie Christy!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Penny,

I didn't realize Steve was in the hospital! How long has his blood pressure been high? Do the doctor's know what is causing it? That's really scary. Please keep me posted. Thanks.

P.S. As always your computer creativity shines through! I love the blog!

Stefanie Giles