Sunday, November 23, 2008

Guess where Brendan and I went?????

we went to see Twilight!!! Brendan wanted to see it!! I'm not sure if he really wanted to actually see the movie or if all the talk of the movie at school (by the girls!!!) peeked his interest OR if the fact that the guy that plays Jasper Cullen is from Auburn and went to Cascade Middle School -- maybe it was all of the above -- whatever it was I am glad that we went!!!! I wasn't holding out high hopes for the movies -- it is such an excellent book!!!! I liked it A LOT!!!! I didn't even mind paying full price (I hate paying full prices for a movie that sucks!!!!!) -- I'd even see it again!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

Brendan took a couple of shots with his cell phone

The cast -- Jasper is the dude all the way to the right in the back.....................

I really thought that this was a stunning poster ---

Like I said I am glad that we went -- Brendan now wants to read the books -- I can't wait for the second one to come out --- I think Brendan and I will be catching the midnight showing of that baby!!!!!