Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Can you sense it???


I voted today!! I took my children with me as they have been involved in the process -- many questions, many definitions. What is a democrat?? What is a republican?? And although Jeff and I have our personal beliefs we urge our children to decide on their own.

I watched the results tonight...........I held my breath............I watched John McCain graciously concede. I watched him hush those that would boo. I watched him be respectful to his country and I watched him pledge help and support to the President-Elect. I saw his wife stand there (OK like a robot) and I watched Sarah Palin hold back tears (she is one crazy lady). While the future is at hand and it won't be easy I feel hope.

Then not more than an hour later I sat up a bit straighter................I watched him accept being President Elect. I cried when he spoke of his grandmother and I laughed when he promised his girls that they would be getting the puppy they want. I watched him be steadfast and humble. I watched him pay respect to all those who had come before him. I watched him with a spark in my heart for myself and my children.

Come January 20th, 2009 there will be change. It won't be easy. There are many many angry Republicans -- it's ok -- it really is going to be ok!!!

I feel privileged to have been able to vote, to have voiced my choice and my opinion. I feel privileged to be an citizen of the United States Of America. I feel lucky............I feel hopeful


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately because we live in Washington State our Presidental vote is strictly symbolic of our beliefs and has no bearing on the outcome. :-)


A bitter Republican :-)

Anonymous said...

YAHOO! I agree, it was a piviledge to be a part of the process and I am looking forward to the future! It will be hard, but we can do it!