Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Come And Play In Eugene....

So, this past weekend (Saturday, November 1st) I went to Eugene, Oregon. Why would I go? Well, I have blogged about it before -- COME AND PLAY IN EUGENE!!! Joy, Toni and I drove 4 1/2 hours.............yes, that is right to Eugene and Jill's house. Now, I was SO excited to go:) Being creative AND Ali was going to be there -- I love her:0) I was a bit nervous -- I mean would I like Jill, Emily and Tricia???? What would it be like??? Joy kept assuring me it was casual - I'd love it - We'd have a BLAST. I thought Joy was smoking crack:)

There is a couple of things I learned on my trip to Oregon -- 1) No sales tax RULES:) 2) Subway has drive thru's as does Jamba Juice 3) If I take a road trip again and Toni is going LET HER DRIVE -- She is amazing and we made super good time:)

We got there a bit early -- we found a seat and settled in because we were there for a day.

Jill had some yummy cider goodness.............check it out

Me, Joy and Toni
The yummy table -- check out Ali's cheese flower -- she was SO proud
A group shot...
This is the REAL Ali Edwards!!! I adore her -- so creative
A "nice" shot
And a true shot of me:)
Me, Tricia (From Cocoa Daisy) and Jill
Emily and me

It was a wonderful day and night --- Spending time with such creative and beautiful people. My "think outside the box" mojo is refilled. I can't wait to do it again:) If I learned one thing I learned this......If you are cooking a frozen lasagna -- TURN ON THE STOVE:) Wait I learned 2 things...Pizza hut pasta is good!!!! Thanks ladies YOU SO TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!