Tuesday, November 25, 2008

40 years and 1 day..........

Yesterday was my 40th birthday --- I'm not freaked out about turning 40 -- I'm just not - should I be??? It was a good day -- Whitlee woke up about 6ish and to quote her "Happy Birthday mom cause your old", she rolled over and went back to sleep. Life is just that easy when you are 4. It was a school day for Brendan -- he wasn't feeling well -- he and I went round and round about if he should go to school -- It was his first basketball game of the season - so he took some anti-nausea medicine and off he went. I really don't know how he made it through the day -- I'd say pure stubbornness -- Thankfully, he has a great coach -- when in the 2nd period Brendan turned completely white he pulled him out knowing something was wrong -- When he asked Brendan what did my son reply -- "nothing". At half time I took him a Gatorade and meds just in case ---- His coach asked my if Brendan was ok -- and I said no -- Let's just say he wasn't surprised that Brendan told him nothing was wrong:) He kept him out of the game until he had drank most of his Gatorade --- seriously, I don't know how the kid was standing.

We went to dinner at The Rock -- Brendan really really wanted to come home but managed to make it through dinner -- I am keeping him home and I don't know if he will go to school for the 1/2 day on Wednesday --- I'd rather have him get well than anything anything else!!!!!!

It was a good day -- and there wasn't a turkey cake in sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!