Thursday, December 28, 2006

Internet Rat Bastard!!!!...........Things could be worse......

So, I had this great blog entry all done. It was publishing and I lost my freaking internet connection mid post -- so what happened it vanished into cyberhell!!! Rat Bastard!!! I love this phrase!!!!

Here is a picture I forgot to post.
Whitlee getting up close and personal.

I'll try and remember what I posted............................................

So lets start with Christmas eve. We went to Christy's so the kids could exchange presents. I'm not sure if JC and Christopher liked their presents. Whitlee fell in love with JC's blanket while I made it and she drug it around the house for a couple of hours after I finished it. What I didn't notice was that she must have dragged it through her plate with pancakes on it --- there was syrup on his blanket. I am SO SO embarrased!!! Brendan got a telescope which he loves and Whitlee got a baby (her name is rock). She loves it becuase it came in a clear backpack and she can carry stuff around in it!!!!

We went up to Marilyn and Gary's house. Of course they totally spoiled the kids. I know I know grandparents don't have any rules!! As you can see by the photos below Brendan got a super cool Hot Wheel racing track among other things. Whitlee of course HAD to put on her Awesome outfit Grandma bought for her. She stripped right in the middle of the room.

Marilyn had a beautiful tree. Everything on the tree had been made by Grammy. We sure did miss her!!! I think we all thought of her at least a million times during the evening.

Brendan LOVING his Hot Wheels & Track he got from Grandma & Grandpa!!!!

Whitlee looking "Mad Sexy Awesome" - (her words not mine). The outfit is from Grandma & Grandpa!

So, Christmas morning dawned and we found ourselves lost among mounds of wrapping paper. Whitlee was thrilled with the 12 Dancing Princesses Dancing Stone that Santa brought her -- She also got a battery operated kitty like her Grandma. Brendan was on the verge of a panic attack. He thought Santa forgot him. Santa would never forget him -- his presents were very close to the Christmas Ficus (more about that later). He got 2 boxes of Yu-gi-oh cards -- they are a hard to find item so he was excited that Santa was able to get them.

The mighty Christmas Ficus. No, I didn't make a typo we had a Christmas Ficus this year. We really did go out with Steven, Sharlene and Matthew to hack down a tree. We actually found a good one. We had it outside in a bucket of water until we were ready for it and wouldn't you know it....................IT FROZE SOLID!!!!! So, we had a treesicle. It was frozen for 9 yes 9 days -- by the time it thawed out there was no way that baby was coming in the house. As soon as it warmed up every single one of those needles would have fallen off of that tree. The tree stayed outside and we made merry with the Christmas Ficus:)

We went back up to Marilyn and Gary's house to spend some time with them. The kids really enjoy spending time with them.

Then we went to Steven and Sharlene's house. The first thing I'd like to say is that Steven is in DESPERATE need of medication lots and lots of MEDICATION!!! Only he could be so warped to appreciate what he did. He made the relish plate from hell(see below)

The Relish Tray from Hell!!!!!!

Only Steven would think of this!!! Anyhow I guess that's it for Christmas. I am grateful no puke navidad for us. It was a good holiday and we are fortunate.

I am grateful pure and simple. I am grateful for my kids. I am grateful for families who partake in our Christmas tradition and eat clam chowder on Christmas Eve - even though it was followed in short order by a chorus of puke navidad!! I really does mean more than I can say -- it means as much as cleaning baby puke off the kitchen floor!!!

We got some not so good news today and day before yesterday............I found out that someone we care about her father has stage 4 pancratic-liver cancer. I know what it does and IT SUCKS!!! Then today I found out that someone else we care about has stage 2 breast cancer -- she is young and has a young child. Both are in my thoughts.

2007 is just a couple of hours away................2007 really already!!!! We will be spending it with friends -- Brendan will be at Steven's per tradition but we will at friends - Jeff playing poker - Whitlee eating powerbar casserole:) and running wild - me........well I will be catching it all on film and maybe making movies!!!!

2007 - it's going to be a good year - I am learing cycles - It will be a good year!!!!
As per a request from Steven -- Snow Miser is gone.

Oprah OUT!!


Pink One said...

Glad you all had a great holiday.

Just curious I never see Ginger mentioned, not on any of the blog pages or the Christmas card. Does she no longer live with you guys, did she go to live in an adult group home? Hope she is doing well, I always thought she was very sweet soul.

The luckiest mommy of all! said...

Who are you????

Ginger still lives with us. She sends out her own Christmas cards and when I asked her permission to blog about her she preferred that I try not to - so I don't.