Sunday, December 17, 2006

3 Days............

Since I posted anything well our internet connection was out. I know I know that is whiney and selfish and spoiled. There are many many people who don't have their power back and we are lucky to have not lost ours.

I did some Christmas shopping tonight and then Terri and I went to the Cino for a couple of hours --- the fairys were nice to me but the jade monkeys and the witches were not -- Louie the Lobster gave me some of my money back but I am about $10 down - not bad for a couple of hours entertainment.

Whitlee is AWESOME!!!!! Potty training is going SO well!!! She really really does want that big girl bed. She had an accident today but it wasn't her fault.

Brendan is doing well -- His Christmas program is on Monday afternoon -- He is so excited about it. He has speaking parts!!! I am going to take lots and lots of pictures so I'll post on Monday.

I think that is all for now -- I am really tired and need to sleep............Cunningham OUT!