Wednesday, December 13, 2006

12 more days.............just 12 more days..............

until Christmas!!!! Can you believe it! YIKES and like every year not a present wrapped -- man I just HATE and I mean HATE wrapping presents - I don't mind doing the shopping for them I just hate wrapping them. I may enlist Jeff's help as of this weekend. I am almost done shopping ALMOST! There are a few people (Grandma and Grandpa and Sharlene) who are not being helpful I see cans of corn in their future:)

Last night (Monday) was skate night -- since Brendan is still under the shadow of grounding we took Whitlee -- Brendan was there but was being used for child labor (someone had to help stuff those boy scout flyers). I forget she is only 2 sometimes -- This was only her 2nd time on skates - she is a natural!!!! As you can see she didn't need my help!!!!


Christy said...

What a cutie she is, as usual. Let's hope we all make it thru the storms to have the holidays. I am ready to move to Hawaii!!!