Monday, December 18, 2006

Extra Christmas Vacation Day or two...........

Well, only one extra day......Evergreen Heights had no electricity - so Brendan had a 4 day weekend. He was wishing that it would turn out to be an early Christmas vacation start but NO WAY!!! The school got electricity this afternoon and they were working on the boiler -- I am actually glad there is school I have a present for Brendan's teacher and the principal - add to that I have some "errands" to run and doing it with a 2 year old who won't remember what I bought it PERFECT:)

We don't have a Christmas tree this year -- well that isn't true we do have a tree-cycle. We had our tree outside in a bucket of water and well ----- it FROZE solid!!! It has been that way for 3 1/2 days. Even if we were able to hack it out of the ice and bring it inside once it warmed up we would loose all the needles. So, I am tomorrow I am taking the 6 ft fake ficus I have in Whitlee's room and we are going to decorate that! How getto -- or I could take Terri's idea and go buy the 2 ft pink tinsel tree -- I know that at least Whitlee would LOVE it because it is her color.

We have put up Grammys tree -- It brings Brendan and Jeff comfort. This is going to be such a hard Christmas.

I should have my shopping done tomorrow - then all that will be left is the wrapping man I HATE the wrapping ---- I still have the calendars to run - I only have 2 months left to do.

Tonight was the Cub Scout meeting that Jeff dresses up as Santa. It was PRECIOUS!! Whitlee didn't even realize that it was her dad. She was SO excited to see him and he called her by name which sent her over the moon!!! She kept saying Santa knew my name. She was sure to ask him if he was still coming to her house and did he remember that she wanted a Dora Princess (I'll have to find that tomorrow) and the 12 Dancing Princesses Dancing Stone (That's in the closet). Jeff.....I mean Santa asked her if she had been a good girl this year and she was so honest and she said well, sometimes I give my mommy attitude:) Out of the mouth of babes!!!!

I am off to download the pictures of tonight -- I'll post them later.