Thursday, May 01, 2008

12 Freaking Days........Hey Steven I posted before you!!!

Yeah Yeah it's been a bit --- here is what is going on with us:)........

We had a birthday party ---- Brendan turned 12 on the 11th. He was suppose to have a swimming party but about 5 days before the event we got a call from the pool saying that they were closing the pool for maintence. Nice 5 days before the kids party and they are closing the, Brendan opted for a pizza party -- he had a great time.

I can't believe that he is 12 --- I know I say it every year but it really doesn't seem like he should be 12!!! He is sure growing up!!!!!
With no shock or surprise this was Whitlee's reaction to "Hey, do you want some cake?"

Of course April was FILLED and I do mean filled with BASEBALL!!!!!!!!!!! Brendan loves playing! Every single moment!!!

Of course there has been trips to the ER --- ok NOT the ER but Urgent Care -- which happens to be between the baseball fields and our house. This is a shot of Brendan in Urgent Care waiting to be taken for X-Rays. He was yet again hit by the ball -- this time it was his hand it was pretty ugly. The good part is that Brendan was able to score and then when the team batted around and Brendan turn came up again he was so pissed that he smacked the crap out of the ball!!!!
At 3rd base waiting to come home.

At Children's Hospital getting to know the wildlife.

One of my VERY favorite photos of Brendan

It's been an uber busy month --- Brendan and I both came down with Strep-throat a couple of weeks ago -- It was so bad that Jeffie had to work from home for 4 days because I simply couldn't function. Brendan has also been dealing with migraines again -- We may and I use the word may with extreme caution.........have found a trigger for them. We have added an additional allergy med that works well with the one he already takes and so far (knock on wood) he hasn't had another one!!!
Brendan is currently dealing with strep again -- we aren't sure where he got it from but we think it was Jeffies work -- Thursday was "Take Your Child To Work Day" and this is the last year Brendan can go to his dad's office. None of his friends or teammates have strep. He is back at school today because....well, because he is no longer contagious and most importantly they are disecting frogs in science today. You would have thought the kid won the lottery.
We have about 3 weeks of baseball left. Win or lose it will be great! Brendan is having the best time. He has an amazing trio of coaches and the memories will last forever!!!!


Pamela said...

Love the baseball and birhtday pics!
DD had strep three consecutive times in a row. I finally asked the doctor for TWO weeks of meds instead of one week or 10 days and that did the trick for her!!!
She would literally get off the meds and within hours be complaining of the sore throat. Sure enough it was strep again.
The two weeks of meds took care of it for her.