Thursday, May 01, 2008

My evening with Ali Edwards...................

If you didn't know I am a scrapbooker!!! While I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and I'd like to pretend that I am SO creative truth be told I am not.........What you might say Stephanie isn't creative....OK maybe you aren't saying it but really if you know me at all I tend to do things artistic to my eye --- that is how I photograph that is how I scrapbook --- that is who I am. But, I digress.......................back to Ali............There is a magazine I like to refer to it on a monthly basis. And while of course not everything is "my taste" I find a lot of inspiration in the pages between it's covers. Here is a link to the mag if you are interested:

That is where I first encountered Ali. She writes articles, books, scrapbooks, photographs things with an amazing eye, thinks outside of the box - OK she kicks the crap out of the box. She creates the MOST beautiful things - yet, it is something even I can do. Her creativity is nothing short of AMAZING!!!! Her books are beautiful ---

My typical day starts like this: Roll out of bed, take Brendan to school, come home and grab something to drink, log on to check email, ready Ali's blog........

Imagine my glee when Sweet Joy announced that Ali was coming to Ben Franklin!! My Ben Franklin --- the same Ben Franklin that I teach at!!!! I FREAKED OUT!!!! Simmer down Stephanie simmer down!!! April was National Autism Awareness month -- Ali is the mother of the most handsome Simon and wife to Oregon State Representative Chris Edwards (D) Simon is a most handsome boy who if you are a scrapbooker you have watched him grow. Simon can be found in most of Ali's layouts. Simon is so many wonderful things and he brings Ali so many great experiences and adventures. Simon is also Autistic. So National Autism Awareness month is something special to Ali and to all of us who work at Ben Franklin Anyhow the Scrap Divas came up with the coolest idea and Ali said YES!!!! She came to Ben Franklin and taught an acrylic album class Ben Franklin raised $1636.00 for the charity Autism Speaks!!!

Now, that I have gushed and gushed and gushed I truly do look like a stalker (I told you Ali:)) For me meeting Ali was like Jeff having dinner with Barrack Obama, like Richard Gere's first meeting with the Dahli Lama, like Whitlee meeting Dora The Explorer, like Brendan meeting the Jonas Brothers, like you meeting the one person in the whole world you'd love to meet!!!

Ali is warmhearted and the sweetest person you could ever meet. She is someone that you could just meet in a Starbucks and sit down for a cup of coffee with. She smiles with her entire face (which means it isn't fake). When she laughs she really laughs. She asks questions and she doesn't just do it to be polite - she really wants to know. I had a blast in the class - it was the best and I can't wait to do it again. Here are some shots of the night.......

Me and Ali Edwards!!!!

A preview of the book we were making.....
Ali decided I needed a shoulder rub....

and me being a BIG BABY!!! Like I said it was a very big deal!!!

Ali signing my poster AND my book!! (please note: Joy had 3 books a poster AND her tee-shirt...note to self...get one of those tee-shirts!!!!)
Ali's message to me!!!!
It was a great night!!!!
Thanks Ben Franklin!!!


akhoosier said...

How very cool!!! :) I wish you lived closer so we could scrap together.

Amy (amyk98)