Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Richard Yamashita

These are my brothers --- Steven in the green and Richard in the print.

Rick passed away today -- it was by his choice. He didn't want any more treatment. His kidneys were failing. His brother Peter and daughter Amber Rose flew into Hawaii yesterday -- they were with him until the end. He was not alone.

There was no unfinished business between my brother Rick and I. He was a happy go lucky let it roll right off your back kind of guy. I knew no matter what he always had my back. He never failed to tell me he loved me and he never called me by anything other than little sister. He taught me many different ways to use the word "Dude". He taught me to surf -- ok it was a disaster but he tried hard. He also took me kyaking out in a cove only to have a migrating blue whale surface with in 50 feet of us. The breach was breathtaking. When I remember Rick it will be with a smile. Life lived and ended on his terms. The hole in my heart is immense -- My pain is not for myself but for his children -- while they are grown adults it hurts me that they are in the pain that they are in.

Call your sibling(s) tell them you love them ---- don't think just do it.


Pamela said...

I'm so very sorry to hear about your brothers passing. May he RIP.

Christy said...

Know my heart is with you all. Take comfort in knowing he is no longer in pain or suffering. I am here if you need anything!!!!

ValJane said...

Penny, I lost my sister in 05' at a "very inopportune time" it's still so hard sometimes. Yesterday was her 'wedding anniversary' and of all things it was a little hard for me. Know that I am always here for you in whatever situation. It doesn't matter that we are not in contact often, I would still like to be here for you. Sometime people can get a little tired of hearing us go on and on and on.. I won't get tired. I'm right here.

Websissy said...

I just read your post about your brother's passing. Wish our loved ones could outlive us for sure! Hope you and family are doing alright. {{{HUGS}}}