Monday, December 03, 2007

Are you FREAKING kidding me!!!!

It's DECEMBER ---- What?!?!?!?! December why that is the last month of the year......that would mean that 2007 is almost over -- When the heck did that happen??? What a year!!! Some stuff was great in fact, I'd say AWESOME but some I'd rather do without!!!

Saturday was our tree hacking day!!! Whitlee was SO excited I thought she would BURST!!! She kept saying "I wanna go MOW down a tree!!!!!" Man, it was COLD!!! We didn't wake up to snow BUT they had it up on the hills. We tromped through the trees trying to find our treesicle of the year. We found what Whitlee called "THE PERFECT TREE" then right after this picture was taken Jeff tried to literally kill me by beating the Christmas spirit into me!!!!

He cut down the tree ONTO me!!!! Steve just watched laughing freaking laughing.....ok, it only hit me in the shoulder but still. When I told Jeff "ha ha you didn't kill me" he responded with "Rats, foiled again!!!" WHAT ------ he swears that he was just kidding -- yea suuuuuuuure he was:)

Don't you LOVE Matthew's head in the photo!!! He was trying to jump into the shot!!! Man, I love this kid.

We had a GREAT yet cold time. Since, Brendan was(and is) grounded I dropped Jeff and Brendan off at home. Whitlee and I joined the Latta clan at the local IHOP for some carb overload.............Guess who we saw.......... THE REAL SANTA CLAUS!!!! Yes, folk the real Santa was a IHOP for some pancakes!!!!! Whitlee asked him and he said he was the real one!!! Here is proof!!!!

The was such a sport!!! He actually sat and took photos with the kids and answered every single one of their questions.

I just LOVE this shot of Brendan!! He takes my breath away.....