Thursday, December 13, 2007

Santa Visit Part Two.....

tonight we are going to visit the jolly man again:) I'll be posting more photos later --- it has been a crazy few days. Things should slow down to warp speed by Monday ---

Please keep my brother Rick in your thoughts -- if you pray I'll take a couple of those for him also. It tears me up that I can't do anything to help. My siblings mean the world to me.

Christmas is in 12 days and I haven't even started!!!! Well, I have had a little talk with Santa. I hope to have my 2nd Christmas card done tonight:)

Cunningham OUT!!!

UPDATE: Santa didn't go so well, the kids were fine it was the Santa people and Santa himself. He was slouched over in his chair with his belt up to his arm pits -- I am pretty sure Santa was three sheets to the wind. We are going back to the Supermall tomorrow (Friday).