Sunday, September 02, 2007

September starts with a BEAUTIFUL......


Yesterday (the 1st) was the BEST BEST day!!! Brendan had this uber-awesome beyond words cool teacher in 1st grade. She really got Brendan and how he worked -- this was the pre-reading Brendan. He hated it so much because he had to struggle with it. She was able to teach him to love to read. And she was Brendan's first "crush". The only strike against her.....she's a COUG!!!! We gladly forget that:)

Anyhow, Ashley married a guy who is equally as awesome as she is -- my kiddos affectionately call him "Mr. Chet" last summer. When Ash told me she was pregnant I was over the moon for them. I took some really cool maternity shots for Ash a couple of months ago. Long story short Miss Mattie was born yesterday at 7:50 am after 26 hours of labor and 1:45 of active pushing. She is BEAUTIFUL - not cutesy but strikingly beautiful like -- watch out world she will bring you to its knees. She is amazing and of course has her daddy wrapped around her little tiny perfect finger.

Congrats Ash and Chet --- You guys done good!!!!!