Thursday, September 13, 2007

O dark early bird...............

doesn't get the worm it gets CRANKY!!!! So, I know I know eventually I'll get used to getting up at the awful hour -- Man, I tell you by about 3ish I am not a fun mommy!!!!

Brendan thus far is thriving in middle school (sob!!!). He has made a new friend a boy in the honors program his name is Cameron -- he is new to the school district. Brendan gets to eat lunch with his friends Jonathan, Sara and Emily AND he is determined to eat pizza every single day this year for lunch --- he is on a mission.

Whitlee....well, she is adjusting -- she is NOT happy about it but she is dealing with it!!! I have been playing on the computer some more here is a shot I took this summer at Lakota Beach.

Jeff started fall softball -- they have lost the 2 games that they have played but he is having fun and they haven't lost by much. He is also helping coach Brendan's soccer team -- He is a busy boy.

I think that is all for now -- I need to take a photoshop tutorial YIKES!!!!! it is 23 minutes long.