Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Dearest Whitlee Jane

Well, today is the day -- you woke up SO excited!!! Grinning and singing.
Today you turned 6 ~ you informed me that you have to use 2 hands to make six!!! Six Mommy, and next I'll be 7. I tried so hard to swallow the lump that was in my throat - 6 years old - it seems like just yesterday you entered our lives. You have brought such joy and happiness!! I've never known a child who wakes up with the giggles!!! Brendan was always so happy when he woke up but you have full body giggles :)

I'm not quite sure how you managed to eat your breakfast -- PINK pancakes please with whip cream and sprinkles :)

We were off and running -- so much to do -- after all we were hosting a crafting tea party for 25 kids and 20 or so adults....would we survive? And WHERE THE HELL IS THE TOP TO MY FOOD PROCESSOR!!! I have guac to make for goodness sake!!! :)
You were the cruise director -- you knew exactly where you wanted everything to be -- Presents go here, crafts go here, music here......Daddy, Brendan, Aunt Ginger all helping to get things in place -- Grandpa and Abuela showed up and jumped right in to help -- Your friends started to arrive....oohs and Hi's were all around...there was lots and lots of giggling, laughing and chasing...........crafts all around!!! Make a beautiful hat, Make a scrapbook, Have a makeover.... it is so much fun to see kids having a blast. Many times I was asked "how do I do this?" or "Can I add this?" My response was whatever you want sweetie -- the expression on the kiddos faces when they realized that it was their choice was PRICELESS.
Here is Whitlee Jane -- with her party hat on making her scrapbook!!

Here she is showing her scrapbook

Soon it was time to eat -- Whitlee's menu: Chili cheese dip, Sweet and sour meatballs, Guac, chips and Cherry Limeade Punch. The kids drank their "tea" from real china tea cups. Notice Whitlee's my twin doll next to her -- the dress and bow the doll is wearing was a gift from Grandma and Grandpa -- Whitlee has the exact matching outfit -- she has decided she is going to wear the dress at Easter.

We had Whitlee stand on a chair so we could sing her Happy Birthday --- this smile -- this is the smile she had on her face ALL day!!!

And to top it off -- there was a pinata!!!! The kids hit the crap out of that thing and it WOULDN'T BREAK!!! finally I ripped that sucker open and threw the candy in the air -- THE KIDS LOVED IT :)

When we were driving home -- you said this was the BEST BIRTHDAY you had ever had!!!! and you were still grinning!!!!

Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl!! I hope the happiness you felt today is a feeling you will always always have -


I'm Valerie Ballou Burr said...

Heckie Penny, I'd wake up with giggles too if I were your daughter. Certainly a sign of sucess on your part. Love ya. Love following you