Monday, February 22, 2010

5 sleeps............

and she will be 6 -- REALLY I'm not kidding 6 years old ~ where has the time gone

she is reading now -- starter words but words none the less

she can count by herself to 175 without making any mistakes

she can count to 15 in Spanish by herself

she LOVES Junie B. Jones books.....

She HATES mushrooms

she loves pink

my baby is going to be 6 years old ~~ I wish Mima was alive ~~ I miss her so much these days ~~ Whitlee would have loved the crap out of her and vice versa ~~ we are gearing up ~~ a birthday party ~~ she has invited her ENTIRE class ~~ 26 5 year olds ~~ I have lost my mind :) We are having a tea party birthday ~~ it is going to be AWESOME!!!! There will be Tutu's all around (including the AWESOME Uncle Steve) She can't wait!!!

Did I mention she is in a "Band" -- I love this girl of mine