Friday, March 20, 2009

Sometimes in life..............

you need to just breathe. Sometimes you do something that while you are doing it you think "Man, I think this is kinda dumb" - but you do it anyway!! Then some random thing happens and it brings you full circle -- then you think - "Man, maybe I'm not so dumb anymore".

Recently, the news has been full of the accident and then death of actress Natasha Richardson. Such a random accident -- she was having a private ski lesson on a BUNNY SLOPE. She fell and hit her head. No big deal right - a couple of hours later she wasn't feeling well and taken to the hospital after refusing inital treatment - cause, she was fine right? 3 days later she was gone leaving her sister, mother, husband and 2 young sons -- 2 boys that are Brendan's age.

Brendan, on Valentines evening -- we had gone out for our traditional Valentine's Day dinner -- Chinese food:) The kids had a blast -- Even Ginger was happy (there was red food!!). Brendan and Whitlee were hanging out in his room -- she was spinning around on the office chair he has for his desk -- not realizing that she was spinning Brendan bent down to pick some random thing from his floor. BAM!! she hit him on the side of the head with the metal section of the chair. She felt awful!!! She was sobbing and kept saying "I didn't mean to!! I didn't mean to!!! Not shocking Brendan had a headache -- after about an hour or so Brendan said he was feeling like he could throw up. Now, I figured since he got nailed in the head he would have a headache...duh! But, wanting to throw up put a whole new spin on it!!! I called the on-call Dr. It was the one Dr. in the practice that I don't really like -- She is O.K. I just don't like her very much. She said that I should take him into the ER. SERIOUSLY? Take him into the ER!! She said "yes, considering where he was hit if he was my child I would take him into the ER" - So, off we went. It was an interesting adventure:) There are some VERY INTERESTING people in the ER on Valentines Day evening!! I got to explain how sometimes, when people are alone on a holiday like Valentines Day they get really depressed (like the guy next to Brendan in the ER hallway) and take a lot of pills. We also had a conversation on why the guy in the first set of rooms kept screaming about how his penis was going to fall off -- we learned............errrrr, we forced to learn because he kept screaming it at his girlfriend that you don't ever replace Ben Gay ointment for motion lotion that heats up!!!.........................yeah, that was an interesting conversation to have with a 12 year old!!!! Then, there was the lady who had gotten hit by a car.....why, you might ask did she get hit by a car.............she jumped in front of it while she was crossing the street in a cross-walk and the car was going less than 5 miles an hour -- why was the car going less than 5 miles an hour...........because it was coming to a stop!!! Anyhow, we finally got placed in an exam room and the wheeled him off for a CAT scan................A CAT SCAN...........SERIOUSLY!!! He hit his head on a chair.............I'm thinking OK I get it but, it's stupid!!!! Brendan was fine -- he had a headache - they gave him some pain medication. He was fine. At one point I was thinking -- he just hit his head -- isn't this a bit much -- All the while Brendan kept saying "THIS IS STUPID -- LET'S GO HOME!!!" He even said it to the Dr.
Brendan in the ER
Brendan in the ER -- after pain medication -- notice he is crossing his eyes:)
So, do I have a point..........ah yes, Natasha Richardson died this week -- SO SO SO SO SAD!!! She fell on a bunny slope and hit her head. She HIT HER HEAD!! She didn't even hit it very hard. She DIED! I guess it wasn't so dumb taking Brendan to the ER on Valentines evening --- he was fine and he has a great story to tell........The CAT scan guy thought that they (the hospital) had made a typo and Brendan was 21 not 12 -- he (the CAT scan guy) thought that Brendan had hit his head from falling off a chair in a bar:) He was SHOCKED to realize that Brendan was really only 12. He called the intake girl and apoligized told her she didn't make a mistake with Brendan's age. The ER Dr. --- WAY WAY COOL!! Told Brendan that he needed to take his mom (me) home -- I had been through a lot!! He also told Brendan "When you sister is going to hit you with something tell her to hit you anywhere but the head!!!" He was a really great guy!!!!!