Monday, March 30, 2009

12 days........

that's what he told me today --- yesterday it was 13 to 13......

He is SO SO excited about becoming a "TEENAGER" I am FREAKING out about it!!! I have heard horror stories about the "teen" years and it isn't just girls. There has already been some really emotional stuff. I get it I get it he is growing up. But, he is acting SO strange. I catch myself wondering "was I like this?" I'm not sure -- I don't think Steven and I ever went through a "growing" phases -- we were always just responsible.

His voice is changing -- that freaks me out!! It is MUCH MUCH deeper!! That REALLY FREAKS ME OUT!!! He sounds like Jeff more and more.

There is still the strange boy smell in his room. I know that there isn't anything "hidden" under the bed because I checked. It's just your normal everyday 12 year old boy smell + socks. His buddies at school - they all had hair as long as his was. Brendan got his hair cut -- they all have gotten their hair cut.

He is growing.........I can tell.............The constant eating that has been going on for the last 3 months WAS for a reason:) He has grown at least an inch in the last month or so -- Seriously, how tall is this boy going to be???

I can tell that he is more sensitive. There have been some situations that he is aware of -- they don't affect him directly - they affect people around him people he cares about. He isn't sure what to do about his feelings. He is hurting for others but doesn't really know how to handle it.

I know (I hope) that we will get through the teen years. I just might be totally grey/white by then. I am lucky and I am grateful to be his mom.

13..............YIKES!!!!!!!! It doesn't seem doesn't seem possible!!! 13 in 12!!


Valerie said...

You are going to be fantastic. A little unsolicited advice. We always think our kids won't do it....they do. Don't look for trouble just handle what comes to you. This was a hard time for us because Shelton and I don't believe in the same methods. When Jamar was going through his stuff is the only time I thought my marriage might be threatened.