Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dinner With The Ben Franklin Girls..........

So, tonight Jeff took the kiddos to the hockey game -- it was the teddy bear toss vs. Everett (BOO). I went out for dinner with the girls from the BF (that's Ben Franklin). We were celebrating both Maryann and Diana's birthdays!!!!

Here is Becca -- she is SO excited about her chip!!!
Kendra + Becca = Sisterly love
Tracy and Maryann
Becca is hungry
This is one of our waiters -- he REALLY wanted his picture taken but wouldn't look at the camera!!!!
The LOVEBIRDS!!!! Diana and Rocky
Rocky and Lisa - Rocky REALLY needs to come out of his shell!!!:)
Diana and her Long Island Ice Tea:)
Maryann and Rocky (Really!!! he is a shy guy:))
Maryann's BOOBS
Diana being really cute!!!!
Rocky and his boobs!!!!
Diana and her boobs!!!
Lisa and her boobs!!!!
Maryann and her hat:)
Don't ask:)
Joy............errr........I mean some stranger and her boobs!!!
Diana and her beautiful hat
Joy and Diana!!!
Rocky didn't want to be left out!!!!
It was a really fun night!!!!
By the way Tbirds won the hockey game 3-1!!! Go birds!!!!!