Tuesday, January 13, 2009

23 days and couting.....................

since I have blogged!! YIKES!!!!!!!!! We have been so busy -- snow, no school, Christmas, snow, new years, snow and then RAIN!!!!

Here is a brief or not so brief look at the past 3 weeks.............

Our Annual Visit to the man in the red suit:)
Brendan.....He SO wanted this movie
Whitlee and her newest Littest Pet Shop Posse'
Brendan and the money box
Brendan and the money from the money box
Whitlee and her new tea set
Grandpa enjoying some tea:)
Whitlee and her new Easy Bake Oven that Santa brought her
Brendan and his guitar
Brendan being COOL at Steven and Sharlene's Apartment
I don't know what she is doing
Matthew and hockey tickets
Whitlee and Daddy using her Easy Bake Oven
...Stir the mix
...Put it in the pan
...Tap tap tap
...In the oven it goes
Playing ROCKBAND at Steven and Sharlenes
Drummer Brendan
Rocking the guitar
Getting ready to play
Steven REALLY needs to come out of his shell!!!
Go Matthew Go
all business
Whitlee wanted to sing
Doing her best impression of a Robert Palmer Video
Steven and Sharlene
Check out Steven ----- I think he is having fun!!
Whitlee the drummer
Open house at the new Kent Ice arena
Larry and his daughter Larren
The real Larry
Whitlee's awesome new shoes
The REAL Michael
Dinner before the opening night hockey game in Kent
My "happy face"
Steven's little beer
Matthew and his Christmas present that FINALLY came in
the dude with honey
my dinner
Steven and his bib
Matthew Steven
Whitlee, her bib and some ribs
our group
our group from the other end
fire on ice
cool bird, Brendan and Matthew
Chuck A Puck
Nice Terri:)
Play from our great seats
There you have it!!!!!!! Short sweet and to the point!!!! I'll be back later!!!!!!