Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Banged up ankles, knees and broken toes

First, I'd like to say that they ARE NOT ALL ME:)

Brendan played in his last basketball game on Monday -- it was against "the team" -- you know the one -- a crappy coach who thinks his crap doesn't stink -- teaching the kids to play crappy ball. The kind of coach that if he was Brendan's team I'd yank him off the team faster than you can blink. The first time we played this team they beat us pretty well and they beat the boys up pretty well -- it was more like a full contact football game than a basketball game.

Brendan looks like he has been put through a hand mixer:) -- OK so, I have to admit it IS kinda his fault.......The boys went toe to toe with this team -- not letting them push them around -- pushing back. Why would you have YOUR TALLEST PLAYER --- I'm talking this kid was literally 6'2" at LEAST -- and he is guarding BRENDAN!!!! Why as a coach would you do that?? This kid thrust at Brendan with his hip trying to set him off balance -- wrong thing to do. Normally, I wouldn't advocate behaviour like this can only take so much and Brendan had reached his limit. This kid hip checked him and Brendan took him down. It SO should have been a foul -- he knocked this kid out at the knees, there was a tumble of gigantor kid and Brendan -- That kid didn't cover Brendan anymore.

Brendan currently is a mass of bruises - and SO proud!! His team won by the way -- taking the game into overtime. IT WAS A SWEET SWEET SWEET win;)

Here is Brendan's Basketball Photo (evidently, you don't smile in middle school)

and..............well, I broke my little toe yesterday -- I know it isn't shocking I did it to myself -- I am so clumsy!!! I called the Dr. She said that I could come in if I really wanted to but that there wasn't anything that she could do --

I made Whitlee Jane's 5 year well check today -- we are one step closer to school (yikes). I am checking out a couple of schools next week -- I'm not sure that I am going to send her to the same school that Brendan went to -- there have been a lot of changes there.

I'm off to take some pictures of Brendan's knees:) it will be good for my 365 project!!!


Valerie said...

Oh no Penny, no more smiling in pics for a long long time. He might smile for an ocassional snapshot with you but you will have to pay for more than that. The broken toe? Tape it to the toe next to it ;)