Friday, October 03, 2008


So, here's the story --- When I was pregnant with Whitlee (and my water broke) I was on extreme total under no circumstances get out of bed bed rest. Both Jeff and Steven knew that this was a disaster waiting to happen. The solution???????? Get Stephanie a laptop so she isn't shooting people from the bedroom window:)

Now, if you know me.........and if you are reading this odds are you do........we all know what a ginormous KLUTZ I am!! Now, I embrace my inner geek fully and completely!!! But knowing me and after Steven scarred the infant working at the Best Buy by going into great detail of how they (Jeff and Steven) were going to use the laptop to start a porn website (that story STILL cracks me up) they got what we refer to as the idiot-proof warranty -- this means I could literally DUMP a bucket of water into the laptop and they have to either fix it or replace it. This warranty is PERFECT for me!!!!!! The Warranty is for 3 years...........this makes the warranty end in 2006 -- in 2006 we renewed the warranty for another 3 years -- OK, 2006 + 3 = 2009 - the current year is 2008........Now, since we got the computer we have replaced the mother board twice, replace each of the fans (there are 2) twice and replaced the power port 3 times. Each time there has been no issue things have been handled fairly well

About 3 months ago the screen on my laptop started blinking --- like there was a short in it -- Steven has been telling me for a while that I need to replace the computer -- get one that will suit my needs better. Well, when we got our tax return (yes, I know taxes are done in April BUT we did ours in August) I was able to get a new laptop -- since "the beast" my old laptop is still under warranty this is the plan -- FIX IT!! Then Brendan can use it and he and Jeff won't have to jockey for the big computer. So, off we go to talk to the "GEEK SQUAD" YIKES!!!! What concerns me is that people LET THESE PEOPLE WORK ON THEIR COMPUTERS!!!! The genius that was working that night literally argued with me for 15 minutes that we DID NOT renew our warranty --- FUNNY, how once I asked to see not only the geek squad supervisor but the store manager ------ HELLO HOUSTON!!!!! We found your warranty. Dude,'s under the same number look at the dates!!!!!! IDIOT!!!!! I explain to the brain child that is "helping" me that the screen is blinking and the power port is overheating again. He informs me in his "I am a member of the GEEK SQUAD and simply know more about computers than you" voice and attitude that laptops don't blink like there is a short in it......Sadly, my mommy patience is running VERY low at this point -- I said really never??? (in my dude, seriously this is going to end up as a major fail for you voice). I power up the laptop and GUESS WHAT???? The freaking screen is BLINKING!!!!!! What????'s what???? blinking???? I thought that laptops NEVER DID THAT!!!! hum.............What??? I knew what I was talking about --- yes, genius other wise I WOULDN'T BE BRINGING IN MY FREAKING LAPTOP TO GET IT FIXED!!!! BAM...we fill out a work order -- it will take 1 to 3 weeks to fix it. 7 days go by and I get a phone call -- Hi, it's Katie from Best Buy Geek Squad -- I just wanted to let you know that your laptop is back and fixed you can pick it up anytime. WOO HOO KATIE ROCKS!!!!!!!!! We (Brendan and I) wait for Jeff to get home from work -- we have dinner and then run up to Best Buy to pick up "The Beast" I power it blinking screen things look good...............HOUSTON we have a problem........when facing the computer I glance down at the lower left portion of the laptop and imagine my surprise when I CAN SEE INSIDE THE FREAKING COMPUTER!!!!!!!!! That's right in their "haste" to put "The Beast" back together they didn't put it back into the casing correctly causing the thin area below the touch pad to crack........that's right CRACK!!! I pointed this out to Katie who, by the way was WONDERFUL! She immediately made out a new work order for them to repair the computer (a new housing case). She apologized PROFUSELY and said they would call as soon as it came in.

I'm sitting home today.........ring ring...........ring ring..........

ME: hello
VOICE ON THE PHONE: Hi, Mrs. Cunningham?
ME: Yes
VOICE ON THE PHONE: this is Katie from Best Buys Geek Squad
ME: Oh, hello
VOICE ON THE PHONE: I wanted to let you know that your computer is back -- I check it and it's fine.
ME: They gave it a new case???
ME: perfect I'll be in tonight

I get off the phone call downstairs to Brendan --- I let him know that "The Beast" is back and we would go get it after dinner.

Now, it is fair to say that Brendan is REALLY excited -- he has been trying to remain calm about the entire thing -- but he is excited that he is getting the laptop. He is so excited about getting the laptop that he doesn't mind the fact that he will only be able to access the internet from downstairs -- we trust him but he is in fact a 12 year old boy:) No internet in room:)

We go up to Best Buy --- I hope to see Katie........................NO, guess who is working tonight?? The freaking genius who tried to convince me that laptop screens don't short out ---------------

He goes into the back to get "The Beast" --- brings it out ---- looks the same.......I open it up............well, I see that they have at least put it back together correctly ------BUT THEY DIDN'T FIX THE FREAKING CASE!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the same case and although the computer is put back together correctly there is STILL A CRACK IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!! After 20 minutes of "NO -- This is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!" This is my deal --- I PAID FOR THE IDIOT PROOF WARRANTY!!!!! The warranty is STILL VALID!!!!! YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT BROKE THE CASE ON MY COMPUTER WHILE THEY WERE FIXING IT!!!! I AM NOT ACCEPTING "they won't fix it" HELL YES I WANT TO PRESS THE ISSUE --- YES, let's take it to corporate --- No, I don't have any problem calling them myself -- NO, I AM NOT SIGNING THE RELEASE --- YOU have to fix my computer ---

Am I wrong??? I don't think so!!!

I called Jeff to make sure I wasn't being "emotional" or "overly sensitive" - he said I wasn't. Steven said the same thing -- in fact, Steven pointed out that even if I didn't have the warranty -- the fact that THEY broke the casing while THEY had the computer means THEY have to fix it. We'll see what will happen in the next few days.



Sarah said...

oh my, I was nearly in tears laughing this. I feel your pain. I have been there. I think your idiot geek squad member was working for the firedog nerd team at circuit city when I went in 2 months ago. Seriosuly, same guy. Have fun at the come play in November! I've gone a couple of times- always fun!! (although I'm not sure I'll make it in November!) CHEERS!