Thursday, September 04, 2008

Whitlee's BIG GINORMOUS Day!!!!

So, now don't go thinking that it's just Brendan...Brendan...Brendan!!!! Whitlee had a HUGE day today!!! She and I had been talking about this for awhile now --- she really doesn't like her hair in braids or ponytails all the time -- she wants it loose ---well, when you are 4 and your hair hangs past your bum and it as thick as a...Well, it's THICK!!!......what do you do???? Your mom puts it in ponytails and braids to cut down on the tangles. I think -- NO I KNOW --- I had more of an attachment to Whitlee's hair than she did -- she has no awful mom hacked off a braid to get the gum out of it story. She just wants to look in her words FAB*LEE*US!!!!
Now, we see Angie......At her salon they call her Angela....Since she in the only one to cut Brendan's hair ever (OK there was the one time where we didn't know where Angie was and the lady cut his ear BUT we don't count her!!!) the kids call her Miss Angie. We have followed Angie from Tacoma (when Brendan was one) ALL over the greater Seattle area -- While some say I am crazy I don't mind driving the hour to get to her -- I trust her without a doubt!!! I don't have to worry she will go all spider monkey and do something crazy with the kids hair....and there was the time when I tried to convince her that I LOVED the permed 80's look and I missed it:) She just shook her head and said NO WAY!! She has been wanting to cut Whit's hair since...well, FOREVER -- all I have done is let her trim 1/4 inch off the bottom ONCE and trim her bangs. I just wasn't ready!!!! I WASN'T READY (stomping foot on floor!!) Whitlee was ready - she was MORE than ready!!! this morning when she woke up she said "Good morning starshine! Today is hair cut day" Whitlee wanted to donate her hair to locks for love -- she wanted to help kids who we sick and had their hair fall out. Sometimes............well, it is so hard to believe that she is only 4 1/2!!!
Without further ado.....
Miss Angie combing out all the tangles!!!! She made 3 braids and then...........
Officially there is now no going back!!!!!
Snip....Snip....Snip (then Angie asked if I needed a tissue -- she knows me SO WELL!!!!)
Look at the smile on Whit's face!!!
She is SO PROUD!!!
The braids............
A silky wash my Miss Angie.......
Getting a good look at her hair....
Sit still very very still...........
Whitlee exclaims... "I LOVE IT"
A view from the back
Very serious....
Something must have been very very funny.
Seeing that joy is the best.
She has a great idea
looking good sister!!
Making faces at mommy:)
Time for a dry -
The....I got a hair cut dance for all to enjoy!!!
Whitlee and Miss Angie.........
The REAL Whitlee and Miss Angie!!!
I got my hair cut also!!! I love it!! But, today was about Whitlee!!!! Thanks Angie!! We simply love love love you!!!! -- You did an amazing job as always -- Whit is just OVER the moon!!! She says "Miss Angie helped me look FAB*LEE*US!!!!!!!!"


Pamela said...

She looks great with the short hair. What a brave thing to do!!
I would miss the long hair too.

akhoosier said...


Emily and Whitlee have two things in common OTHER than being cute girls! :)

1. they both donated to Locks of Love
2. They both say Fab LEE us!!!! Too funny! I don't correct her because even at 8, its still cute!