Thursday, September 04, 2008

Meet Baby.....................

NO!!! Not that kind of baby!!!! THIS kind of baby:). We welcomed this beautiful new addition to our family..............OK, truth be told!! It's MINE!!!!!! Although, I'd like to mention here that I got baby on a Friday and the following Saturday AND Sunday Jeff had his fantasy football drafts and I let him take baby!!!!

We still have the "beast" I am taking it in and having Best Buy fix a bunch of things......that's why you buy the extended warranty correct!!!! When we get the beast back Steven said he'd put the whammy on it for me. The plan is to give it to Brendan so that he and Jeff can be on the computer at the same time. Baby processes all my photo stuff SO MUCH FASTER!!!!!! What literally took overnight on the beast takes less than 5 minutes on gotta love baby:)