Thursday, September 04, 2008

Welcome To 7th Grade And Traditions................

So, 7th grade welcomed you with open arms..........girls flocking (Yes, I said flocking) -- it is interesting to watch you from afar -- you are not aware............So, grown up -- searching to find your way. I should not have worried you had it totally under control. I look forward to what this year has in store for you. It is going to be a GREAT year!!! You make me proud every single day. Have a wonderful year my son!!!

Out the door....On the way!!!!

AFTER school is out and the buses have gone -- you show me your locker:)

Mom can turn anything into a photoshoot!!!!

Now off to Starbucks for our yearly tradition of talking about your day.....
This year's drink of choice.....Strawberry and Creme' Frap....Please


I simply love it when you laugh -- you hold nothing back!

I often refer to you as "the thinker" this is why

We know how I LOVE the chairs in Starbucks --- this year we went to a "new" one --- AWESOME CHAIRS!!!!! Thanks for indulging your mother and my impromptu shoot!!

And of course no shoot would be the same without Whitlee:)