Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Not 7 but 8

yes, that is right 8 days.....Ah life and it's little sidelines:)

We have had a BUSY week -- Brendan attended 5th grade camp last week -- it was good -- he had fun. There was a breakdown and I freaked but all in all he was home-sick and didn't realize how much he had missed us.

We went to the Mariner game on Saturday night -- It was little league night. Steve let Brendan walk with his team -- It was a BLAST!!!

Tonight Brendan had a baseball game -- he took a line drive directly in the chest -- it dropped him like a fly. I ended up taking him to urgent care per his doctor -- the dr. there said that if you had to take a ball to the chest he picked the PERFECT place:) That's my boy an over achiever:) :)

I'll be teaching a class at the Ben Franklin Crafts in Bonney Lake on Saturday, June 30th -- it is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!!

I think that is all for now I am tired and I need to go ---- tomorrow is the school bbq --- it's our last (tear)........................................