Tuesday, February 13, 2007

5 Days!!! YIKES!!!

Well meaning I swear!! I really had intended to post before now --- life has a funny way of keepin you so busy you can't breathe.

Whitlee and I have been "selling" Valentine Grams at Brendans school. This requires roughly a minimum of 2 hours a day. Speaking of Valentines -- here is a layout I did of Brendan and Whitlee for Valentines Day

The template is by Andrea Gold and the kit is Sweet Amour by 1 hour scraps

Whitlee's birthday is quickly approaching...................I am going insane!! SHE WANTS A MONKEY!!! A real monkey and she wants it in pink tights with a hat and gloves. Here is a layout I did of her.

The template is by Andrea Gold and the kit is Sweet Pea by Krista

Whitlee has a gymnastics recital on Saturday! I am WAY more excited than she is --- I want her to show off what she has learned. All are welcome!!!

Brendan has a basketball game today -- here is a layout I did of his 3rd game. It is of Brendan his friend Blake Latta and Coach Grab.

The template is by Dawn Wilson and the kit is called Basketball by Ronnie McCray

That is about all the time I have right now -- I need to get Whit dressed so we can sell Valentine Grams:) 2 more days...........................


Christy said...

Great pictures of the kids...you won't know what to do with all that free time after tomorrow huh??? Yeah, I know...it will be replaced by something else.

See ya Saturday!

Christy said...

you are falling behind again!!! I know you are having too much fun at the beach...I am just jealous. Wish I had friends like yours.