Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30th REALLY!!!!

The past 3 days are nothing much more than a bluuuuuur :)

Had an AMAZING birthday ~ So happy to have gotten together with my brother and his wife!! We tried out a new Japanese restraunt in Federal Way! It reminded me of something my Step-mom would have LOVED!!!! It was nice and quiet and just the way I needed it to be!

Thanksgiving was DELISH!!! Ate more than I should but doesn't everyone :) Got some work done -- prepped for this past weekend!!!

Worked at the BF all day on Friday (crazy Black Friday shoppers :)) and all day on Saturday -- then I taught 2 classes yesterday (Sunday) - The super hot shower I took last night was AWESOME!!!!

Today, Laundry, dishes, maybe lunch with an amazing cousin :)....oh, and hiding Christmas Presents!! I swear these kiddos of mine get smarter each passing day (or maybe I am just getting older :))

Bring on DECEMBER!!!!