Tuesday, April 01, 2008

With much anticipation...............

the "Official" start to baseball is here -

What I have learned.....

It sucks when your opening day game is rained out.

It is COLD at 8:30 am on a Saturday in late March (But seeing your kids ginormous smile as he runs out onto the field with his team makes is TOTALLY worth it!!!!!)

Baseball is NOT for wimps:) It doesn't matter if you can't feel your legs from the knee down because they are frozen -- your kid is playing in his first Little League Game -- They will find icicles hanging from your ears before you'll leave.

Your kid has butterflies in his stomach when he has his first at bat.

Your kid has serious game face:)

So, last night was Brendan's first game:) Up until almost gametime we thought they may cancel the game. Brendan was THRILLED when I said "Game On"!!!! He did great!! He didn't start -- he was bummed but it was part of the coaches plan --- in majors you are only "required" to play 6 outs and 1 at bat. That being said of course there are going to be some players who play more than others --- this is the Majors people --- did you pay attention at the team meeting???? It was one of the very first things the coaches talked about. Brendan was put in after the boy playing 2nd had his 6 outs and 1 at bat -- he made some solid plays. He struck out on 5 pitches when he got to bat -- He of course was MAD but -- I said "shake it off buddy". We were talking on the way home and he was saying how nervous he was, that when he got up there he realized it was his first at bat in a real game. The most important thing he said was "Mom, I forgot I was hitting with my "new" bat!! It is much lighter than my old one". Yes, he got a new bat on Sunday -- I have to miss his game on Saturday -- I am shooting a wedding and when I told him he was really bummed that I had to miss a game -- my explaination that from shooting this wedding I could get him the bat he wanted for his birthday somehow made it all better:) :) :). After practice on Sunday his coach was telling me how the bats at Varsity sports were on sale. So, Brendan and I went down to try some out. He got a great bat and a new pair of cleats (thanks Uncle Steve!!!!) for far less than just the bat would have regularly cost.

Here are some shots that I took last night at the game!!!! Oh, by the way ----

WE WON!!!! 2-1


Valerie said...

Penny it is so good being able to follow along with you on your blog. Your blog gave me the inspiration to start my own. How do you get those baseball pics of him? I have an ugly old fence between him and me. Oh Penny he has FRECKLES! I so remember when he was born and he was pregnant...