Wednesday, March 12, 2008

She is an entire box of AWESOMENESS!!!!!!

That is what Aunt Sharlene is!!!!!!

So, since Monday Brendan has had a migraine headache --- He missed school on Tuesday but went this morning.

When I logged on this morning my brother sent me an IM asking how Brendan was. He and Sharlene didn't think that Brendan's migraine was caused by the busy baseball weekend. (Get ready for the lightbulb moment).................. Lightbulb IdeaThey think it is from the knee to the face that Brendan took in his basketball game on Friday --- I TOTALLY and completely forgot about Brendan even playing in a game on Friday night. It was bad enough that they took him out of the game and he didn't go back. Steven said he may have a concussion. I grabbed my phone & purse as I was heading out the door -- Grabbed Brendan from school and the dr. got us right in. Mild concussion.......After seeing Dr. Christopher I took Brendan to see Mr. Chris his acupuncturist Voodoo (just kidding) Brendan feels a bit better and is upstairs resting. No contact sports for a week and he should be good.

so, if you see her give her a hug -- show her the love people -- she is AMAZING:)

AUNT SHARLENE you are an entire box of AWESOMENESS!!!!!

Uncle Steven your not so bad yourself!!!! We Are Not Worthy
It's it so great to have people who love your kids so much!!!!!


Steven said...

She is an entire box of Awesomeness and she's my WIFE


Pamela said...

I hope he's feeling better!!