Sunday, March 09, 2008

I know I know --- it's been a few days

but really we have been BUSY!! This will be really quick because I am downloading someof the roughly 4000 photos from this weekend. Brendan had such a great time!! He loves it!!! He played 5 games......well, they were about 50 minutes long and you could only score 3 runs per inning. You know pre-season:)

Out of the 5 games Brendan started 4. He batted 500 yesterday (saturday) and 750 today? He was walked once today so I don't know how they are counting that so, maybe he only batted 500 today -- but, that's not bad right?

Steven, Sharlene, Matthew and Dylan came yesterday along with Brendan's friend Sara -- and my Auntie Hinaye came with Jenninfer and her little boy Conner. Do I have an AMAZING FAMILY OR WHAT!!! Jeff's mom is so sick right now -- Jeff told her we had better not see her this weekend!!! It's only pre-season for goodness sake!!! There will be plenty of games for her and Grandpa to come to:)

Of his 4 starts 3 of them were at 2nd base -- he really likes it:) After playing 3 games and a batting practice yesterday Brendan came home and he and Jeff went over to the local field and practiced some defensive moves for like 2 hours. OK, so it wasn't just Brendan and Jeff Steven and Matthew were there also:) UNCLE STEVEN ROCKS!!!

OK, So I do need to run but I will be back with some photos:) See Auntie Sue, Auntie Kim, Michael, Christy and everyone else who means so much to us --- I'll be back:)