Monday, May 04, 2009

beat....beat....beat goes the drum

you turn around and life is passing you by:)

We have been SO busy!!!

Brendan had his first baseball game last Thursday. His first game as a middle school student. In 6th grade you aren't able to play baseball. 7th grade - Brendan has been waiting for this. They (the boys) are VERY VERY serious about the game of baseball. They are willing to lay it all on the line - to leave it on the field. Brendan started and finished at 2nd base - he played 5 1/2 of the 8 innings. He batted 6th in the line up of 15. Not bad dear son....not bad at all.

You ran out onto the field dressed in purple and gold (see your training to be a husky already). I noticed you and the other players did a quirky little ran straight to your base and touched it as you took your place on the field for the game. So serious that face of yours :) You played well.

As you stepped into the batters box I watched your face - trying to figure out what you were thinking........were you nervous? You faced a boy you had faced last season in Little League - he throws hard. You did well. Deep breath my

As I type this I am processing photos from the game. I'll have to post at a later date. Your dad so proud :) His boy playing for his school team. So, they don't cut in 7th grade - whatever, you started and batted 6th. I think if they had cut you would have made the team!!! Your dad was in his element -- a sunny day, a baseball field and since he wasn't on the field he kept the book for your coach. A great coach by the way.

Whitlee is doing well!! She is registered to start school in the fall -- she is SUPER excited!! She has decided she wants a nick jonas backpack! She loves her some nick jonas!!!

Guess that is all for now--I have set up the ability to post from my cell phone -- gotta love it:)


akhoosier said...

Hey! It's great to see you blogging! I have to admit I don't blog as much because of FB and Twitter, but "I still love it when I and other do blog!

Way to go Brendan on a well played game!