Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Intentions.................

So, I really have been meaning to come back and post --- we have been REALLY busy this summer. Well, the end of school and this summer. It seems like school has just gotten out and now it's almost time to go back. Brendan has really been enjoying his summer.

Here is Whitlee and I -- we were killing time while Brendan was having a training session with his baseball coach.
Whitlee at Kyla's ~~ In the barn looking at the chicken's sitting on thier nests, the sheep, the horse and of course SPIDERS!!!

Kyla has a swing on a zip line --- Whitlee LOVED it!!
Whitlee in Kassidy's tent --- they had the best time in it:)
Whitlee and one of Kyla's kitty's -- she really wanted to bring this baby home!!!
Batter up baby!!!
Brendan goofing off during Matthew's baseball game (It was like 1000 degrees)
More goofing off!!
Brendan was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society (He is in the Jr. because he isn't in high school but it will look good on his transcripts) The man directly in front of him is the new superintendent for Auburn School District -- the other gentlemen is his principal.
Super model:)
Show me serious:)
Lookin good:)
Whitlee LOVES getting her picture taken
She really needs to come out of her shell:)
Brendan at Lake Tapps with the Crandall's

Whitlee at Jeff's softball game
The kids being silly -- check out the chocolate on Whitlee's face!!
Coming out of the lake
Swim buddy!!!
Whitlee being............well, Whitlee!!!
Brendan.......way coolio
Jeff's company picnic...stopping to smell the flowers
Whitlee Jane
Whitlee LOVES bouncy houses
.......And slides
pose baby pose
jumping in the hay barn
riding her "horse" tire swing
They had a cow milking machine -- Whitlee decided after she "milked" the cow she was the BEST farmer EVER!! Now, before you go asking where is Brendan --- he didn't go to the picnic with us......Not that he couldn't -- he was on the annual camping trip with Steven and Sharlene. We've been busy -- I'm shooting a lot I have a wedding coming up in September. I'm really enjoying it.


Michael C. said...

So much for good intentions huh? LOL! And What's that supposed to be a picture of? Aguy strapping a banner to a cardboard cow?

Pamela said...

Beautiful pictures!!
Our babies are growing up!!!